Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dalit Dilemma in Marathwada of Maharastra, Ref- Solapur

The Solapur city was full of hoardings and stalls of Dr Ambedkar, I was surprised to see the Dalit Expressions of Brahmanism Sanscrtization, in the way Dalits have spent money to decor their small houses and put money for the Jayanti, was really shocking. Only thing is where r the entire movement is going? This sort of programs will not lead to any solution of Social Discrimination and Exclusion and ultimately they will fall in typical system of Feudal Web for another level of Exploitation.I can understand that Marathwada region of this state has lot of influence of Dr Ambedkar but today in global world the issues are little different and the kind of Politics we are observing, is not pro-poor or pro dalit than the question is why such huge propaganda and show off? Ultimately the entire money is being captured from a dalit's pocket and he/she is paying at the cost of his daily wages?

I was really shocked to see the Arti of Statue of Dr Ambedkar which Ambedkar never said in any book or speeches or thoughts. It is rather other way round he abused all such rituals and went to get renunciation in Buddhism and fianlly became a disciple of Lord Buddha.

People are getting worse day by day or cunning I dont know but fact is that they are being exploit in spite / despite of information, global market, knowledge, and technology. Height of this all educated mob is also part of this web of exploitation. Sad but true.

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