Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ik-Oankaar {‘There is but one God’: Nanak}

Gurvinder Arora is a Soft ware Engineer in Gudgaon and very close to my heart. He writes and speaks nicely and authoritatively on various topics and subjects. One of his writings is here to understand the entirely different point of view of Philosophy and Religion)

Until the person is faithless, he cannot determine his actions confidently and conspicuously. His faith defines his actions and his deeds. Different philosophies and socio-cultural value systems define their own entity of faith. Subsequently, creating a path on which first the value runs through, following the confidence to act upon, following the learning from the definitive involvement. Through that learning, the human being studies and judges the consequences, and hence develops a faith towards or against the value. The next time that learning becomes a portion of a thought process in terms of ‘This is what I believe’ or ‘This is the response I prefer in this particular scenario’.

“There is but one God” induces a sense of feeling that supports nature in a way that it provides a path to progress upon fearlessly, just like a patriotic soldier progressing fearlessly to satisfy his intentions. This is so beautiful a feeling that everything that could / might happen is for the sake of goodness. And even the direst of all consequences is not a hurdle to hamper the motivation but a means through which the consolidation of thoughts will happen or it might just be another exam to judge the temperament. This helps in making the person stronger and helps him to run through the ladder with higher resilience and determination. Unfortunately, a few people don’t keep faith till end and face sadness which is actually their own selection. Kahlil Gibran says “One selects his happiness/sadness long before he feels it”. Sadness selection is nothing but a loss in faith towards the Supreme Being.

Some people call it surrender and deny surrendering. Anything that creates a circle of positive energy in oneself can be taken as positive and in this particular case the thought that ‘Acceptance is the key to progress’ can be well justified. Spending a patch of time is despair or fighting around saying I’m not a man who surrender’ basically disrupts the building blocks where basic human values lay upon. And then they talk about terms like compromises and become ignorant to other basic laws of nature.

When the person is faithful towards goodness of God, his path of traverse become clearer and energizes him to take action to fulfill the intended goal. Partly, he releases bunch of loads from his back to the ‘Faith’ he is pursuing, and that is where is the starting of a higher version of positive energy loop.

This is how I relate “There is but one God” with Faith in Goodness of God. The definitions may change with the words but the laws of nature remains the same; the generation of positive energy would always be preferred over being plain skeptic or confused. There are various paths to arrive at the same location; there are numerous ways of presenting the same thing; but the crux remains the same.

The point lies in the focus of attention for consummate accomplishments. And the focus is higher when faith is firmly fixed because the negative loops which can sprout up through skepticism or fear can be easily handled.
Therefore, it is suggested that please keep faith in the goodness of God and the goodness of your soul. This will definitely bring up unmatchable results out of even a low scoped event or transaction.