Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dr Priyesh Vishwakarma, A Guitarist Doctor and Seoni Visit

It was a day of July 23 2009. Heavily raining in Chhidwara, Seoni in the dense forests.........

I was on official tour and went to see the works of IDYWC, Sopan and other NGOs. The other objective was to meet my Pride Doctor and Son Dr Priyesh Vishwakarma. Priyesh was an obedient student of Army School Mhow. When I joined on Oct 1, 2000, he was caught in some funny activities and I caught him, but did not punished rather I took his rough copy and wrote Dr Priyesh, MS , Neurology. T0 day the dream was coming true......... I was going to meet him. I was put up in Hotel Anand Seoni, the best one in Seoni. I got him on orkut and since then we were in contact but was eager to see him physically and wanted to chat a lot on not only time we spent together but also on Medical issues.

Whole day I was busy with meetings, it was raining heavily and all the roads were disconnected and no power and no telephone connectivity........ in remote areas life becomes ridiculous when basic things are not accessible, especially when we are prone to net, phones and so many IT things, but what to do...... just we can pray and curse the structure.

Priyesh was a naughty boy but the most intelligent as well, he was in need of an outlet to show his capabilities. He was learning Guitar that time I remember and today he is the best guitarist of the country I can say and bat.

He came at 7 PM we had hug each other and then endless talks old days and guitar and college life, girl friends and many more things...!!! HE was able to share every thing with me in a comfort zone and I was just listening to him.

We then had gone to Booze and we had Vodka and lot of talks......... we remembered the sweet days of Army School and Life.

Priyesh formed the Rock Band in Myssorre when pursuing MBBS from Govt Medical College, and it was a matter of pride for him. Still he is preparing for his PG , so that he can go to some Metro and re form his Rock Band and play Guitar which is almost his passion now of life.

I discussed so many things and learnt about guilt complexes, several diseases, my Sugar Level and Blood Pressure. He assured that Dont Worry Sir..... your son is an effiecient doctor and he will save drink adn njoy life to the optimum level.

I also talked to Alesh Kothiya who was his batchmate and now serving in Delhi. I feel pride when I see the budding blossoms in full swing and working hard to get the objectives of life and also doing hard to maintain the relations........ I feel am the Luckiest person...... I have not earned name adn fame and money but earned PEOPLE thats my treasury of life.

All the BEST Priyesh....... Love & Blessings for your PG

Monday, July 20, 2009

All the Best Anoop, Amitosh and Mitesh

HI Anoop, Amitosh and Mitesh
I would like wish you all the best for your professional world and new path, may you reach to the pinnacle of success and get maximum out puts from the globalized market.
Since you all are IIT passed out, you may not get time to understand the world profession and culture but be careful the world is so smart these days and ready to eat youngsters like you......
any way.....
I wanted to meet you on 18 Anoop and Amitosh but due to some mental illness and revenge I did nt turn up to Indore but this is a confession that I did nt turn up, any ways all the best, njoy

कुमार स्वामी का नही rahna

एक अच्छे दोस्त कुमार स्वामी का १७ जुलाई को देहांत हो गया यह ख़बर आज श्रीलक्ष्मी के मेल से मिलीकुमारमेरे सिर्फ़ दोस्त थे बल्कि उन्होंने मेरे जाले साफ़ करने में बहुत मदद की थीकुमार की दिलकश हंसी और तल्ख़ताने बस अब यादें ही रह गई है उनकी बेटी गायत्री बंगलोर के किसी कॉलेज में पढाती हैफिलोमिना कुमार औरकुछ दोस्तों ने ऐकिया में एक ट्रेनिंग सेण्टर शुरू किया था और कालांतर में वह सेण्टर एक अड्डा बन गया था जहाँदुनिया भर के नवाचारी लोग बाग आते रहते थे और अपनी समझा बनाते थेमेरी यद् में कुमार भोपाल दिल्लीबंगलोर और नासिक तक समाये हुए है होटल के कमरों में अक्सर हम साथ रूककर बियर उडाते थे और फ़िरसमाज कार्य की माँ भैन करते थे कुमार को दिखावा और झूठ से सख्त नफरत थी और वो हुन्गेर प्रोजेक्ट में कामकरने वाली पेज की औरतो की भी असलियत बताया करते थे और जम कर ठहाका लगते और कहते की दिल्लीमें सोशल वर्क करने वाली ये औरते क्या जाने की गाँव की औरतो के दुःख दर्द क्या है और महिला सरपंच पंच केबहाने ये रुपया जुगाड़ करती है और हवा में घूमकर ये देश का भला करेंगी ........ कुमार ने मेरे कई जाले साफ किएहै और कहा की ये समाज सेवा अब चरिटी नही बल्कि अब धंधा बन गया है किसी को मत छोड़ना ये सब जानते हैकी ये क्या कर रही हैकुमार का जन मेरे लिए एक अपुर्नीय क्षति हैश्रीलक्ष्मी तुमने आज सुबह सुबह कैसीख़बर दे दी अब शाम को कुमार की याद में एक बोत्तल बियर की तो बनती ही है .....