Monday, April 28, 2008


This was hot April 08 and I was invited by Mohit in IIT Roorkee. I reached IIT via Delhi, unfortunately got the AC Bus, it was so slow that I cant describe.Although started at 9 AM and reached around 4 PM to Roorkee. On the way, I found all the Army Trucks and 1 ton, 2 tons and 3 tons they were taking some huge stuff to Hills for some militry purpsoes, hence, the traffic was jammed. When I reached Roorkee, I was lost like any thing and Mohit very enthusiastically waititng for me at the Bus stand. It was indeed my first chance to see any IIT, in fact, it was a dream coming true for me as well as for Mohit.

Mohit, the pride of my life, a genious young engineer was with me, when I was in Army School, Mhow, he was selected and got this IITR. He had been invititng me for last four years, but, some how I could not make it. This was his last year and he said very innocently "if you can come it will be fine or I cant help........!!! I have a deep relation with this genious who has taught me so many things in life and still keeps on teaching some time he gets frustrated that "are yaar tum bhi na kitte thas ho........" talks/ shares his views / tells me about good books / music / good moovies and so on......... I had to come becuase I didnt want to disappoint him as if I would not have come this time I would not have been able to face him and could not have dare to see my own face in the mirror too.

IITR is one of the oldest Engineering colleges which was given IIT grading before 4 years since Mohit was here. The beautiful campus, huge buildings, greenery, large and wide roads, small and big groups of students and the best part students riding bicycles in the campus. I have been observing that the adolescents starts rididng Bikes once they are in 7 or 9 standards in so called urban and civil areas.

Mohit lives in Ravindra Bhawan. He took me to his room which was on I floor F-67. A small room he has been living for last three years: neat clean and beautiful very open with good collection of books and adequate things required for life. Once I had written in my story " ये कमरा मेरी ज़िंदगी को कितना छोटा कर देगा " but, here I found that a small room has scale up Mohit's life and gave him not only exposures but a creative, learning environment and he has become a versetile dynamic personality. Why only Mohit-- Piyush, Anoop, Amitosh, Sachin, Utkarsh and all are at a high level today and they have power to envision and envisage the bright future, not only for them, but, for their families, society, community, and country and above all HUMANITY.

I stayed with Mohit for 4 days and met his wonderful 5 friends and learnt so many things. I visited the campus with Mohit, ate food, fruits and had fun/ chat/ discussions on various topics with these young tallented guys and felt a deep frustration why didnt I study with these six wonderful persons. When I came back I was telling Piyush that I wish I could re born and lived with you all........!!!!!!!Is there any way that our wish could come true????? any God who can fill this demand?

Anoop and Sachin are from Mhow, Anoop is serious and very critical about the things ; while Sachin is funny but sharp and blunt, he would not mind to speak any thing if he feel so. Piyush is from Bilaspur and damn intelligent- he has offers from 5 IIMS for his MBA, but he prefers to join Microsoft where he has been selected through campus. Utkarsh is from Ujjain, very excellent at Linex Programing and keen to work on this only, he has improved the programs which have been gracefully accepted. Mohit is already in TATA he has to join on July 1, 2008. Mohit is fond of books and Hindi Literature and especially " मुझे चाँद चाहिए " seeking a Varsha Vashitha hahahahahaha, sorry Mohit, its an imaginary character but, ya offcourse, there are odd things and characters in our own life!!!!!!!! I can tell you this because I also feel me and Harsh are same and my end will be same as Harsh's in the book.

They all took me to Haridwar and near by places. Mohit took me to Patanjali Peeth for my Diabetic Check up. There only, I realized that how sick am mentally and physically----awasome. But now its too late I can see the dawn...........

I was there for four sleepless nights and days and discussed too much with Mohit and his friends. I discussed with Mohit also so many things personal, social and political as well. This all gave me an insight to re look the Life and do some more thigns as time is very short and may not even permit to work upon.

I also saw a Deaf School situated in IITR, the PRO Mr Sadhan Koushal was a nice person showed us the campus and also talked about a lot. A nice school for differently able children. I wish I could spend whole life with these children to impart some knowledge, whatever I know a little.

Without Sagar and his brother Vikrant this description will not be completed, good, simple and sober people- living in a small town called Rookee- deeply involved in business, want to earn more money through fast techniques. They are looking these six wonderful persons especailly Sagar is involved emotionally with Mohit and his friends. He was so nice when he came to knwo that 'am a sugar patient he brought food for me the day I was coming from Roorkee, it all was very touchy and I cant forget his generocity , innocence and deep affection. Thanks Sagar for all that you did for me and these children. Time may not permit them or me to re visit you and your small beautiful town but your name will be added in the development of these Engineers and country. You were the person who took me to Kalliar also, where I asked and begged wishes for my brother and these all Engineers their prosperity, and dazzling future.

When I was coming in train I literally wept for hours and hours as if I have lost everything in IITR and nothing is left with me. How much you have given me Mohit I cant tell you, the entire Laptop was formatted and downloaded so many films , progrmas, an external hard disk, and above all that caring and affection. Will I be able to return any thing in any way ????????

I cant forget you all Piyush, Utkarsh, Amitosh, Sachin, Anoop and Mohit. The best part of yours is you all are from Middle class families and have very strong values and " sanskars", none of you smoke, drink, nor have any bad habits so called and that was the thing which fascinated me too much and influenced me.

Mohit I will remain grateful for this visit and making the opportuinity / dream come true. Who says IIT ruled your Life, Betu you will rule IIT one day and very soon the day is coming ; I am very eagerly and anxiously waititng for the time.

I bless you all for a wonderful future and Happy Life. Just one request dont leave each other and break relations, this relation and closeness will give you strength when you will be in sad mood or in grief. Just keep this old man with you at least that we all can do, I know I cant re born and study with you its too late but we can share and I am ready to learn from you Betu.

Mohit I am always with you and will pray for your best.

Without telling all these things to Apoorva, another Bright Engineer in SGSITS Indore I would not have been able to write all this stuff.

These six wonderful engineers have changed my thoughts and Life.......... as I always say Live for Life Cheers!!!!!!!

Lots of Love and wishes

Remeber my Gift Mohit and Apoorva ------you have given me, and I promsie I will do the same till my last breath

Love & Wishes