Sunday, July 7, 2013

And yes I agree with Sandip Naik, which in any case I always does, - Girish Sharma on Lootera

This is the movie which can simply be termed as a sonnet on celluloid. It wont be an exaggeration if i term it as mozarts symphony. And yes i agree with sandip naik, which in any case i always does, when he says you ought to have lots of patience while watching this movie. The directors command is palpable in each and every frame. After coming out of the spell, which does takes a lots of time.....142 mins is the running time, i am wondering .... Is she the same sonakshi sinha of dabang fame and is he the same ranveer singh of band baja baraat fame. Definitely hours must have gone into finalizing the cast for this movie. Old world charm has been created by the master with such an ease and elan, that you are simply lost in the maze of emotions. And then refuse to come out even when the lights are switched on. This film makes you realise the power of love, sacrifice, and the seamless thread which bind all the human beings. Nature is on for full visual display in this movie....every frame is colour riot, blue green brown red white.....

And your heart just goes for the main protagonists....sonakshi and ranveer equally vying for your attention and then you give them cent percent for their portrayal of the character. The boundary between the actor and the character just disappears from the reel one by the able work of the master. Movie will make you yearn for more and more, you heart will cry out to reach to the characters and you would simply like to embrace them, for they define love, passion and compassion. Also in the end you will discover that the corner of your eyes are wet. Ending although sorrowful but the painting by ranveer makes dying sonakshi smile and laugh.....brings a certain fulfillment and closure for both the characters but the audience thirst remains un-quenched. And before entering the theater just dont forget to carry your heart and also you need to have heart in the right place. For a connoisseur its an avant garde collection along with Ranjhana. Highly recommended for all those who have ever fallen in love. Hats off to the director Vikramaditya Motwane.

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