Monday, June 11, 2018

Laurels and Pride Moments - Aniruddha , Radhika and Prateek Tarani 10 June 2018

Laurels and Pride Moments 

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Finally our Aniruddha Naik is also post graduate now, after BE from Indore he was selected for MBA course in Mumbai. Yesterday he got his degree in a convocation .
In addition, he is placed in some company working in the field of organic food and he is exploring new horizons of Sales and Marketing .

All the best betu, wish you grand success and rewarding Future ahead.
Stay Blessed.

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My Niece Radhika has completed her BE from SGSITS, Indore. She has been a serious and studious student from child hood and had keen interests in Astronomy. During her graduation, she would go to attend workshops in IIA, Banglore and many a places.
She wanted to observe the Sky and learn about it rigorously and finally today she has brought laurels to the family, today she is selected for "M Tech followed by Ph D" at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Banglore.
This is the only institute of its own and getting admission here is a matter of Pride and Joy. The course is resuming from July 2018, in the first year she will be placed at Kolkata and then Banglore for remaining 5 years.
Entire credit goes to my brother Sunil and his wife Leena and off course her grand parents and we all..... but in the ways she has done toil, its really creditable.
Lets wish her a grand success and compliments for the rewarding and dazzling Future ahead. As I used to tell this girl sky and sea is the limit.
Go ahead and cross all the boundaries and achieve pinnacles of success, Live your Life .........World is at your door step grab it........
I personally feel girls are performing better than boys and doing hard to change the scenario for a positive change.
You will be starting a new life, new lifestyle and new work culture after leaving IIM, Udaipur.
It's indeed a matter of pride to get quality education from one of the best institutes of country but now challange is to reflect in life of one self and masses which was imbibed in blood in entire span of educational journey.
Tomorrow you are joining one of the prestigious financial company of the country. All the very best Prateek and my wishes with you to reach pinnacle of success

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